Who We Are

cashflow-club-a-finances-combined-logo-zailerCashflow Club “A” Finances was founded by Sulev Pikker who was trained by Robert Kiyoaski’s Rich Dad team. We provide basic financial education through courses delivered by experienced  Cashflow club trainers and our approach is based upon Robert Kiyosaki’s model. The “A” Finances club started in 2006 in Pärnu, Estonia,  where Sulev was running official Cashflow lessons for  the Estonian audience. Since 2010 “A” Finances club moved to Tallinn also providing education for the Russian speaking audience. We have been growing consistently every year and have attracted top level experts in delivering our courses.  These experts achieved had succeeded in business and investment activities by following Robert Kiyosaki’s principles.

Tatyana Zailer started Zailer Training Center to deliver business education and personal development to people who want to change their lives. Our approach is based on the models of business gurus like T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins and Rich Dad Advisors. Our speakers are people who succeeded in different fields like real estate, stock market, business development, sales, personal development and more…

Our Mission

We support the mission of Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Company:

To elevate financial well-being of all humanity

What we Do

Our team