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Robert Kiyosaki is an American investor, business owner and author of the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘. He is also the creator of Cashflow clubs. His mission is to Elevate financial well-being of all humanity . Robert teaches how to manage money wisely and not to be dependent on the government, employers or any other institutions. We follow the principles of Robert Kiyosaki. Our main goal is to help people get financially educated and help them discover the various ways in building passive income.

Our Cashflow club A’ Finances in Estonia has been running for 7 years and recently our founder, Sulev Pikker  has started new Cashflow clubs in Russia.

In the capital of Estonia, Tallinn we hold Cashflow club events every week which take place at Väike-karja 7 (see the map below). Please note that most of our events are in Russian language.

To inquire about English speaking events, please contact us (see contacts below).

At ‘A’ Finances Cashflow club you learn directly from entrepreneurs and investors, they share their own experience too. There are different levels of Cashflow courses.  You can join our courses at any time but it is advisable to start the course from the beginning. If you start the course midway or miss a few classes, you can still complete the course as long as you take all the steps (classes) from the course. The courses run throughout the year and it is highly important to go through all lessons to get integrity in financial education. Our graduates start their own businesses, become investors, deal with properties, make money investing in the financial markets and use many passive income strategies.

We also have a Cashflow club membership program whereby our members receive special benefits. Click here to learn more about “A” Finances Membership program.

The Cashflow Game was created by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki in 1996, two years after they achieved financial freedom. The game is designed to help people learn how they can be financially free and since 1996 many Cashflow players have achieved their financial freedom. This game is a mirror of your financial habits. Once you play it,  you will realize and understand how you deal with money in real life. It is much easier to change your habits in a game and later transfer this to real life. During the game you will acquire new experiences and start realizing why some methods work and why others don’t. By playing the game you will learn to choose a scheme which suits you more to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

There are 3 types of Cashflow board game:

  • Cashflow 101  – for beginners (fundamental analysis)
  • Cashflow 202 – intermediate (technical analysis)
  • Cashflow for Kids – for kids from 6 to 12 (elder kids play Cashflow 101)

Our club has all 3 types of games.


The Cashflow club broadened my horizon and let me see a lot more options than just working for somebody.  During the course I found out what money and tax are, the history and how to use it. I also acquired new contacts and connections with novices and mature entrepreneurs.  After a year I finally started a business with my partner and we are now actively growing. I highly recommend the Cashflow club to those who seek other options than just working for somebody and who want to be educated on financial literacy. - Slava Kostochkin
Earlier I worked in sales and my income depended on how many steam cleaners I sold. After joining the ‘A’ Finances Cashflow club I realized that with this approach to life in 20 years time, I will be dependent on my salary and hoping for a pension after retiring. In a month after taking the course I quit my job and started to learn more about how I can ‘retire’ in 5 years time receiving the exact amount of money I need every month. Thanks to the course on financial literacy and my group mates from the course still support me. Now I have a business in advertising and my goal is to grow it to a next level, out of Estonia. - Nikita-Mark Tenderes

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Our main events are held in Tallinn, Väike karja 7. Most of our events are now in Russian language.

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