Cowboy Exchange

What is a Barter Exchange?

Long time ago in ancient time, even before monies were invented, there was a barter exchange. People exchanged cow for grapes, grapes for hay, hay for cloth and so on. Everybody valued an item depending on the benefit it will bring them. So everybody got what they wanted, exchanging something they didn’t need.

When Europeans colonized America (during cowboys times) this kind of exchange was wide spread in the society because there was no default money system. This is the time when it was called ‘Cowboy Exchange’

So at the ‘Cowboy Exchange’ event we are going to practice ‘barter exchange’.

Use of barter in the World

A lot of entrepreneurs use barter exchange to get what they want. That’s right, at some point it doesn’t matter how much money you have ; one billion or ten billions, what matters is how you can make a deal. In other words, how you can create a win-win opportunity for everybody in the deal.  You don’t have to wait until you become a big business owner to learn how to make deals, you can start right now by learning how to make barter exchange.

Start with watching the video below. Kyle MacDonald started his trading with one red paperclip and later traded it to a house. It took him one year and a series or exchanges. That’s right, you aren’t mistaken: he traded a paperclip for a house. Watch the video and learn how:

Who is this event for?

This event is for you, if you want to:

  • Learn how to make deals
  • Create Win-Win opportunities
  • Acquire goods and services for free
  • Quickly become a friend to others
  • Be a master of selling
  • Be a leader
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Be a master of your own life no matter what happens in the outer world

This event is also suitable for children.

Testimonials from previous events

What to take with you

  • 2-3 unneeded items (not broken!) for exchange. Perhaps, there is something you don’t need anymore but what can be of value to other people. Please think beforehand what you will take with you.
  • Also consider what kind of services you could provide. We are also going to exchange different services in forms of IOUs. Imagine, what can you provide? Carpet cleaning or a car wash? Nail polishing or accounting consultation? And think, what would you like to get from others?

When will be the next event?

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We apologize but there are no upcoming events. Please write an email to us and tell that you are waiting for the Cowboy Exchange event. In this case we can plan it quicker. 


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