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Cashflow 202 board game, in Russian

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Investing is a skill most can’t learn from a book. The alternative of learning in the real world could prove costly. You need to first understand your own behavior…

CASHFLOW game was created as a fun and experiential way to teach investing and wealth building. Battle your way out of the Rat Race by acquiring property, stocks, businesses and precious metals. You’re not just playing against each other; you’re playing against the housing market, the stock market and even Mother Nature.

Cashflow 202 is an ad-on; to play this game you need to have Cashflow 101.

This board game is in Russian

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When we play, that’s the truest example of our real life behavior. Think about your own behavior when you’re in the throws of competition. Do you get reckless when you’re winning or fall apart when you’re losing? Wouldn’t it be better to learn these lessons on the gameboard than in the real world, with real money – your money.



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