“How To Buy A House For 1 Dollar” – book by Rick Otton

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In this ground-breaking book you’ll discover…

  • How you can buy property for just $1, with NO deposit and NO bank loan
  • The secret of turning a negatively geared property into a positive cash flow
  • Why you never need to stress about interest rates or the economy again
  • How to find positive cash flow properties, even in capital cities
  • The #1 way to find 10 times more buyers if you ever need to sell your property
  • How to join the new breed or first home owners and real estate millionaires

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Product Description

If you’ve been searching for a proven way to build wealth in real estate, without risking your own money, even if you can’t get bank finance, you’ve just found the book to show you how…

In 1991 Rick Otton uncovered an innovative strategy and went on to amass a portfolio of 76 properties within 12 months. Since then, Rick has bought literally hundreds of properties and has proved that his strategies work – in any location and any market cycles.

Now for the first time outside of a private training, you can discover Rick Otton’s powerful real estate investing formulas. Follow them and you too can buy your first home or build a property portfolio that isn’t reliant on getting bank financing. And best of all, you can do it without risking any of your own money.



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