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5 Key Things In Sales

When you live your life by poor standards, you inflict damage on everyone who crosses your path, especially those you love.– Jordan Belfort

Key 1. Be prepared

Know the outcome of the call and plan the call. Acknowledge that you are calling to make a sale, to influence, to make him the clients see the benefits of the product or service. Unbderstand that this is a sales call and not a customer service call. Mentally get into state to be ready to convince and be prepared to receive objections and deal with them accordingly. You need to know their reasons for buying and close the order. All this has to be already set in stone, not just see how the call goes and taking it from there. You have to know that the aim on the first call is ideally to be a 1 call close. However this doesn’t happen often, so you have to get your customer as closer to the sale as possible. Have your script ready (you have to have a foundation – you have to know what you are going to say). Keep clients on the phone so they won’t hang up and you also have to know you product inside out, know all the prices, know how you can take the payment, etc. You have to be ready for the answers and not hesitate. This is the Preparation stage.

Key 2. Build rapport

Build rapport with the client as soon as possible. The quicker you build a rapport and earn trust, the quicker they will buy from you. You should engage with the client, you should have a conversation, you need to find out more about the client, know more about them (i.e. why they came to the seminar), what they are looking for, make a few jokes, make it more personal. Do not make it sound like a sales call. You have to make it sound like you are an expert calling to find out about their challenges/problems, offer advice and give value. You have to get someone to listen to you, however you do it. You can also match the tonality so that you can build rapport quickly. You will need to ask the right questions, so you can connect with clients. It can be through you humor or by being an authority on the subject(by sounding very experienced). There are various ways of building rapport by matching tonality, words and communication style (such as are they visual, auditory, kinesthetic- Anthony Robbinsons NLP style).

Key 3. Be resilient, be persistent.

Be ready for a ‘no’, be ready for a ‘no’. Accept that there will be a lot of rejection,  this might put a sales person off. One of the key things why sales person doesn’t do well is he doesn’t get sales quickly enough, he had a lot of ‘no’s, rejected, he becomes deflated and loses positivity. A lot of people fail because of that. There will always be a lot of people who will not be interested. Don’t take it personally. When you take it personally, you become deflated, you give up. When you hear ‘no’, you just move on to the next call straight away.

Key 4. Analyze each call

After each call you have to analyze what could have been done better? Do it regularly, do it after each call. Ask yourself: ‘could I have closed the client?’ and ‘what can I do better on the next call?’. Sometimes after a call you think: ‘shit, I could have closed that client, he was interested.. why did I say that for?’ Analyze it to improve.

Key 5. Keep learning

Keep positive. On each call you have to be closing (ABC = Always Be Closing). The aim is to pick up the phone and close. But it could be a series of steps (Calls). Know how to handle objections. Continue to learn. Keep your learning active. Listen! A lot of sales people think they should be talking and I’ve heard it on so many sales floors: you hear a person loud enough and you think ‘wow, this is a good sales person’.. no, this is not a good sales person. He’s just saying words, it doesn’t mean anything. He is just talking at clients. You have to listen, to ask questions, than you have to match answers to the questions. I’ve heard it so many times, when a person has some good lines and I used to have some good lines. My sales improved when I started to listen.. and match those things to what the clients says. I wasn’t talking for the sake of talking but providing answers to the client. I was talking to the client to educate him/her after a question was asked. I’m talking and responding to the client after I have listened first. That is the key to a successful sales person. 



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